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Easily define and execute your corporate and business strategy to ensure high profitable growth, click here for more insight.
Identify where the company should go, and how to get there
Increase the value creation of your organization with a simple and comprehensive 3-phase strategic planning approach: (I) Set up your strategic planning project, (II) Gather & analyze data and provide key insights, (III) Define and implement your strategic plan
Set up your strategic planning project: (1) Strategic planning team, (2) Guiding principles, (3) Strategic plan structure, (4) Required inputs to create strategic plan, (5) Action plan
Gather & analyze data and provide key insights: (1) Market analysis, (2) Competitor analysis, (3) Customer feedback, (4) Company data analytics team, (5) Employee feedback, (6) Executive feedback, (7) SWOT summary of the key business insights
Define and implement your strategic plan: (1) Mission, vision and values, (2) Key strategic objectives, (3) Strategy map, (4) Balanced scorecard and key performance indicators, (5) Potential initiatives to reach strategic objectives, (6) Business cases and financial models, (7) Prioritization of the initiatives, (8) Business roadmap and detailed initiatives plan, (9) Strategic plan implementation, (10) Dashboards to track & manage progress, (11) Key lessons learned, (12) Quarterly update of the strategic plan based on new data
Build a strategy map and balanced scorecard to easily translate your strategy into strategic objectives, key performance indicators and targets
Build a strong business case to get your project approved by the executive committee
Build simple and sophisticated financial models to estimate your project financials: revenue, cost savings, cash flow, net present value (NPV), ROI, IRR, payback period, WACC, etc.
Prioritize your initiatives based on impact and effort
Carry out a market & competitor analysis to better define your strategy and outperform your competitors
Quickly improve the strategic planning capability of your organization
Become the strategic planning subject matter expert of your organization
Develop new business models or improve existing ones with our ready-made business model canvases
Identify your strategic options and their respective risk with the Ansoff Growth Matrix and the Porter’s Generic Corporate Strategies Matrix
Identify the key drivers of your profit to easily explain your profit growth or profit decline, and act accordingly
Decide if you should enter a new market (e.g. European market, Chinese market)
Decide if you should introduce a new product based on desirability, feasibility and profitability
Decide if your organization should acquire a new company based on the financial benefits, strategic benefits and feasibility of the deal
Create a robust business plan to raise capital for a new venture
Define your pricing strategy to maximize your profit

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