Gloria Mayfield Banks on Success in Network Marketing

Gloria is right. You should never take advise from people you’re not willing to trade places with. Gloria knows that the reason why people don’t have success is because they don’t take action.

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All of the traffic comes from the United States and Canada.  Most of the traffic is email driven and consists of opportunity seekers and money earners.  If you order it takes about 7 to 14 days to complete. Some orders may take 30 days to complete.  It depends on the size of the order.

Not all of the orders will result in result in sales, however, we have found that 1% -5% of opt-in leads will convert into sales through a well-designed marketing funnel. It is important to state that you may not receive any sales from your campaign. You will however see activity to your site, opt-in leads flowing into your contact manager and auto-responder, which will move your business in a positive direction.

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Traffic Authority is different.  It has taken 17 years to generate the highest quality traffic sources.  We really are different from other online advertising companies.  And while of course, there are no magic bullets when it comes down to cold-market advertising.  Everybody knows that there is a chance that you will spend more on advertising than you receive in return for the sales that you may make.

But if you do not have a team from a previous network marketing company or a huge rolodex of sales leads… we offer an excellent solution for anyone, regardless if you’re an Internet marketing veteran or absolute beginner. You will notice the difference in quality of our traffic as well. You will also find world-class customer service with the Traffic Authority System, as we answer our phone, return calls, and respond to emails within 24 hours (During normal business operating hour each week).

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Apple’s 3rd Founder Who Bailed for only $800 and Lost $35 Billion – Why? FEAR!!!!

Did you know that Apple had a 3rd Founder?  Yep.  They did.

His name is Ronald Wayne and he was actually the third founder of Apple.  You probably never heard of him, but he bailed early and sold his 10% interest for a meager $800.  Why?  He said he was scared of all of the legal problems in which he felt they would eventually encounter and he didn’t want to be responsible for all of that.  He has no regrets, but do you believe him?

Would you regret missing out on $35 Billion?  Wow! All because of F.E.A.R. – False Evidence Appearing Real.

Well, let me let you in on what will be the next big deal.  It’s called Traffic Authority.

So what is Traffic Authority?  It is a new affiliate marketing/network marketing company that has the hottest commodity around today – and that is Traffic.   The product is literally high quality CPC (Cost Per Click) Traffic.  And I don’t know anyone who doesn’t need traffic for their website.  I have seen a lot of things, but this is amazing.

Traffic Authority has just launched.  And of course they’re working out a few kinks, but GEEEZUS! Just to see what’s about to uploaded to the server is AMAZING.  But don’t take my word for it.  Watch this video to get a sneak peek at the back office:

Everyone is seeking to drive traffic to their site.  Some people use social media to do it.  Other people use Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, LinkedIn Ads, Google Ads, or Solo Ads.

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“Facebook for Network Marketers” – Live on Periscope!


Facebook for network marketers is not always friendly.  Heck! It’s not always friendly for regular marketers! However there are ways that you can add a tremendous amount of value and build a loyal following on Facebook, as well as build an amazing team of dedicated reps.

How?  That’s a question that we’re going to explore on Periscope – the latest social media platform to deliver amazing content.  So this month on Periscope we’re going to unmask the ways in which others can grow their network marketing business on one of the hottest social media platforms out there and the paradox is that we’re going to use one of the newer social media platforms to accomplish this.  So essentially you’re going to get 2 for 1.  Ha!

Facebook  for Network Marketers doesn’t have to be so overwhelming

Facebook can be a gold mine for those network marketers who are willing to take their time to explore how to do it right.  Some of the things that you can do as a network marketer on Facebook that could lead to success in your home business are as follows:

Build an authority SEO fan page  – So what exactly does this means?  This means that you have thoroughly optimized and utilized every aspect of your fan page effectively.  And if you have not now is the time to do so.

Facebook is a high ranking, high authority website.  When you “Google” your name the first thing that will come up most likely is your Facebook Page.  Now imagine the possibilities of what this would look like when you optimize a Fan Page for a particular key word.

Therefore one of the first things you want to do when optimizing your Facebook Fan Page is:

Choose the right name!  Yes.  You want to make sure your keyword is utilize in your Facebook Fan Page Name.

The next thing you will want to do is:  Pick a vanity URL.  What this means is make sure that the keyword rich name for the fan page is also used in the URL.

The third thing you will want to do is: Optimize your Posts!  Yes.  Did you know that the first 18 characters of every posts represents a meta description?  A meta description is an HTML and XHTML element that describes your page to search engines.  If this copy is used to communicate with the search engines then you will want to make sure that your first 18 characters include your keywords.  While this may be a struggle in the beginning it’s worth it in the end.

The fourth thing you will want to use is begin to blog from Facebook. Use the “Notes” section of Facebook as your personal blog.  But does this mean you must create a piece of content for your own blog and a separate piece of content for your Facebook Notes?  No!  What it means is that you should grab yourself a great article spinner and spin the articles that you’ve already written until they become a totally new piece of content.

You Like This Content?

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How to Leverage Your Lead Generation Strategies

Are you generating your own leads for your business?  Do you find it hard to find new people who are genuinely interested in what you have to offer?  Well, you’re not alone.  In this article I will teach you a few ways in which you can maximize your lead generation strategies in a way that you will be able to generate leads while you sleep.  Now that’s what I call leverage.

How to Leverage Lead Generation

There are a few ways that you can leverage your lead generation and today I’m going to discuss the top 3 ways that you can do it.  The first, is through video marketing.   Video marketing is one of the best ways for you to leverage lead generation and that’s because once you create a video and promote load it on to a high quality website like Youtube or even Facebook, your video remains out in internet land forever and has the ability to provide you with a few leads and website visitors every day.  Youtube is the second largest search engine next to Google, which means that people are visiting Youtube to search for information on various topics and interests.  More people are migrating to on demand videos than watching regular TV.  This is great news for marketers like us.

One your videos are up on Youtube, there are a few things that you will want to do to ensure that your videos are found.  The first thing is keyword research.  Once you find the right keyword to target, then you will want to make sure the save your video using that keyword.  You will also want to use the keyword in the title, and make sure that your video description is at least 500-1200 words and is keyword dense.  Also, the most important thing that you will want to do is start off your description with the url to your main money-making website.   This area of the description is in the top of the fold and easy for visitors to click on it right away.

There are several more things that you need to do to make sure that your videos are found on Youtube.  My favorite course that goes into complete details regarding how to do this is My Tube Traffic Mojo.  This course was created by my good buddy Mark Harbert and Frank Marino.  Pick it up if you get a chance because it’s worth it and it’s in my opinion one of the best I’ve seen.

Another Leveraged Lead Generation Strategy

Another awesome leveraged lead generation strategy is blogging.  The reason why blogging is such a great way to generate leads for your business is because once you start to create high quality content on your very own blog, you begin to position yourself as a leader and authority on your topic or area of interest.  You literally become a certified Subject Matter Expert (SME).   The way you will generate a lead from your blog is by position pop ups and lead boxes in strategic places and links inside of your content where visitors can freely access them and opt-in.

After you post your high quality content on your blog, you will want to syndicate it out to various places such as all across your social media platforms and also into various article directories.  You can use article submitter software or you can hire someone to syndicate your content.  But this is an excellent way to get instant traffic to your site.  Additionally, you will want to make sure that your blog is keyword rich, which will help it to get found by the search engines for years to come.  The course Posting On Purpose will teach you everything you need to know about how to effectively use your blog.  Rob Fore makes over six figures from his blog.  He is definitely someone to learn from.

The Final Leveraged Lead Generation Strategy

The last leveraged lead generation strategy that I would like to discuss is Podcasting.  Podcasting is another way that you can leverage your lead generation and position yourself as an expert.  Creating your own radio program doesn’t have to be difficult or challenging.  You can do this on a regular basis and watch your listening awesome explode.  The best part is that your digital programs will stay out on internet land for years and years.  A great free source for podcasting is Blog Talk Radio.  You can start your own radio program right away.

As you can see, having high quality content positioned on the web is the best way to leverage your lead generation.  There is just no if’s, and’s or but’s about it.  So my suggestion to you if you want to generate leads while you sleep is to get started blogging, vlogging or podcasting right away.  While others may act scared or shy away because they think it’s too hard, you should take yourself into beast mode and start cranking out content like a word monster.    But word to the wise, create a strategy and stay consistent.  Start your blog and keep it, even if it takes you a while to get started it doesn’t matter because it’s not where you start, it’s how you finish that counts.

If you like this content make sure to subscribe, by clicking on the button to the right. Good luck!


How to Get Your Prospects to Buy

Connect With Your Why and Get Your Customers to Buy

You may have heard people say time and time again that you have no money because you haven’t brought enough value to the marketplace.  Well guess what?  That’s just not true.  The fact of the matter is, some people provide very little value and make a lot of money and some people provide a lot of value and doesn’t make much money at all.  What is the difference between the two?  The difference between the two is that one is more connected to their WHY.  And that connection leads them to more dileberate actions.  This causes their prospects to resonate with their message and pull out their pocketbook and spend money with them.

Diane Hochman has got it right.  In her special training, “Get Prospects to Buy Your Stuff” she divulges the secrets to human nature and what truly gets folks to buy.

Who Is Diane Hochman?

Diane Hochman was a once broke, stay-at-home Mom who now works “Full-Time” from home, Makes More Money than most doctors, and travels the world with her family because she discovered how to Magically Make Your Prospects Buy EVERYTHING YOU SELL!

She is the founder of The Home And Small Business Network, a worldwide organization committed to helping people build profitable and sustainable businesses.

Starting from scratch with homemade how-to booklets and brochures she built a mail order business in the network marketing industry with a health and nutrition company.

Since then Diane has expanded into affiliate marketing, coaching, information marketing, training and speaking. Today, the Home And Small Business Network is one of the most respected sources for quality training, honest information and putting the FUN back in business fundamentals.

Having won numerous awards, trips, cash prizes, spoken on stage at major industry events and with two multi six figure launches under her belt …Diane has conquered all facets of running a successful home business.

Today her focus is on paying it forward to the next generation of marketers who yearn to find the freedom that Diane has located for her family.

What So Special About Her Course”Get More Prospects to Buy Your Stuff”?

Well, first and foremost, it delivers on it’s promise.  And Diane is so down to earth, you’re just going to fall in love with her style.  In it you will understand the following:

  • How to Understand Basic Human Nature
  • Why Some folks are achieving success while others are not.
  • The Number One Reason Why People Make Purchaes
  • What are the major drivers and factors behind each sale
  • How to Understand Your Prospects Needs

Diane teaches you these things and so much more in her course.  You will discover how to magically make your prospects fall madly in love with YOU and want to buy EVERYTHING YOU SELL.

Wouldn’t you want to know how to do that?  Well, you can get y our copy too.  Diane is only selling this for $7.00 and it is a steal when you compare the price to the amount of value that you will receive.  This is a worthy investment in YOU.

Grab a copy today by clicking here.  It’s only a $7 bucks!  And it’s a video training that you can watch, listen and take copious notes.  And if you don’t want to watch the preceding videos, just click here if you’re ready to buy!



Ryte Healhty Living


Introducing a new company called Ryte.  A new business opportunity awaits you with the Ryte Company, which just launched in October of 2014.  This is not just a company it’s more like a movement of individuals that are committed to Living Ryte.  This is the first network marketing company that is set up as a benefit company similar to the likes of companies like Tom & Jerry’s ice cream.  The company has a huge value system and believes in giving.

Ryte is the perfect company for those individuals seeking a GROUND FLOOR business opportunity.  If you have what it takes to stick with a company through all of it’s growing pains then Ryte is right for you.  At this point there are less than 500 members, but that won’t last long, especially once the heavy hitters begin to find out about this company.

Ryte is firmly positioned in the weight loss industry, which is currently a $600 billion dollar industry and is on it’s way to becoming a trillion dollar industry.  If Ryte captures 2% of that market, then it stands to become a $12 billion dollar company, making it one of the industries top earning companies.  This absolutely will happen for Ryte and its members.

Why RYTE is going to take over the wellness industry

Ryte is going to take over the wellness industry because it is built on a solid foundation of giving as one of their top core values.  Ryte is based on 11 core values with the first one being Giving.  The rest are as follows:
2 – Be a Little Quirky

3 – Edify, Always Edify

4 – Think Abundantly

5 –Make it Right

6 – Challenge the Norm

7 – Push Yourself

8 – Embrace and Drive Change

9 – Make Mistakes

10 – Invest in Yourself

11 – Connect

If you can see yourself in one of these core values then you should consider becoming a member of Ryte and getting on your way to leading a healthy and more productive life.  Also, if the concept of the company isn’t enough to move you to action, then maybe the compensation plan can do it for you.

RYTE Compensation Plan

Ryte members can earn 5 different ways.  The first is retail sales, when customers buy retail, the rep earns the difference between wholesale and retail.  The second is team commissions.  It’s so easy to rank advance in Ryte.  Advancement is based on simply Personal Volume and Group Volume.  The chart below shows how easy it is to advance and get paid.  Notice your personal volume does not increase at all!!!

Ryte Compensation Plan

Right also pays out something called a Super Sixty Bonus, a Fortune Four Bonus and a Leadership Bonus.  Plus so much more.  To find more details on the Ryte Compensation Plan click here.   Plus the comp plan pays out weekly!  This is just an added bonus.  Who wants to get paid every week?  YOU?  Then click here to join.

About RYTE Products

All of Ryte products are designed to give you your MOJO back.  It represents a complete product system for morning, noon, and night. Designed to help the areas where we all need a little help, including: energy, weight loss (and weight management), mood, cellular health, sleep, and more.

The morning supplement  is available in single-serve portable sachets, Ryte Spark is the perfect way to start your day. Formulated to give you a boost of energy, suppress your appetite, enhance your mood, and give the spark you need to get through the day!

Ryte Fuel is available in single-serve portable pouches, Ryte Fuel is the perfect meal replacement shake.

Ryte Rejuv is available in single-serve portable sachets, Ryte Rejuv is the perfect way to complete your day. As the name suggests, take in the evening to rejuvenate yourself and prepare for tomorrow!

There is nothing left to do or know other than getting started with Ryte, for those who sign up with a Subscribe And Save product pack, you will receive a free copy of my book, “Quantum Leap: How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business..”  So don’t hesitate, get started today.


Network Marketing Lead Generation

Do you have a network marketing lead generation system?  If you don’t then you better get one fast!  It is imperative to your success in your business to have a way to generate leads for your business.

Network Marketing Lead Generation is the key to your Success

The network marketing industry has a 90% attrition rate.  What this means is that 9 out of 10 people will most likely quit after the first 90 days or less.  The tub has a great big ole hole.  Your job is to plug the hole and to get more people in than you have going out.  This is a tough job.  By all means you must work fast and work swift to build momentum.  The speed of the leader dictates the speed of the team.  In order to build your team fast, you must have a network marketing lead generation system.

The Best Network Marketing Lead Generation System is My Lead System Pro

My Lead System Pro or MLSP is one of the best lead generation platforms for network marketers or any online marketer who is interested in learning lead generation systems and strategies that will help get your pipeline filled with hungry people interested in joining your business.  MLSP is also an exposure platform that can help the average person get discovered.  Once you become a documented success story on the MLSP platform then you will find yourself in a position to put yourself out there in a major way.  You will be able to create your own programs and have a platform to sell them on.  This in itself is worth getting documented within the MLSP system.  It is also important because you can earn extra income outside of your base business.

My Own Network Marketing Lead Generation Success

I have been generating network marketing leads online for a long time.  It has been one of the ways in which I was able to go to the top of my companies compensation plan.  Recently I decided to join My Lead System Pro and in one day I generated over 50 leads and I have not stopped.  See the chart below which shows when I hit No. 3 on the Leader Board!

My Lead System Pro works as a network marketing lead generation system.  And anyone seeking to become a top producer in their company should definitely take the MLSP trail.   Click here to find out more.


Network Marketing Training Is Essential for Success

Network Marketing TrainingNetworking marketing training is the key to success in the industry.  I am not quite sure how anyone can succeed in the industry without.  Every network marketing company needs a good training program to ensure that their reps have the maximum amount of success possible.

What Type of Network Marketing Training Does Someone Need?

The first type of network marketing training that a new rep should receive is “getting started” training.  This is the training that will guide a new home business owner through their first steps to success.  A good getting started training program should consist of the following top 3 things:

1.  Having a new go core – Meaning they should become a product of the product.

2. Making sure the new person sign up for auto-ship.  If your network marketing company has an auto-ship program, your getting started training should consist of having that new individual sign up for auto-ship.

3.  Presenting the plan.  True network marketing training takes place the minute a new rep begins to present the plan.  Which is why you should always get a new person on board with presenting the plan as soon as possible.  The sooner they get comfortable doing this, the faster they will begin to recruit and retain new people.

This type of network marketing training can be described as ACTIVATION training, which simply means that new reps will become active in the company as soon as they perform the activities mentioned above.

Network Marketing Training That Retains New Recruits

The next kind of training will ensure that a new rep stays with your network marketing training, especially on your particular team and that type of training is PROSPECTING & CLOSING.

There is an old saying that says, give a man a fish and he will eat for a day but teach a man to fish and he will eat for a lifetime.

The is exactly what happens in network marketing when you teach someone how to prospect and recruit new people into your opportunity.   Several things happen when people learn how to recruit.  First, they will get excited because they will begin to make money on a consistent and regular basis.  Second, they will feel a since of belonging because their new recruits will look up to them for leadership.  And third, they will get tons of recognition as they begin to move up the company compensation plan.  For these reasons alone, one should spend a large amount of time focusing on training new team members how to prospect and close.

All Your Industry Woes Can Be Cured With Network Marketing Training

Every problem that you may have with your business can be cured with the proper network marketing training.  This is just a fact.   Therefore, if your company offers training calls, webinars, or live events, you should make it a point to attend.  But you never want to attend these events alone.  You always want to make sure that you have 20-25 lines or people represented at every event (both live and virtual).

But if your company training is not up to par or they’re not teaching you everything you feel you need to know, then you could always outsource your training to a company called My Lead System Pro, which provides the best network marketing training in the industry.  And you can join our On Fiyah Marketing Team and discover the secrets to exploding your business both online and offline.

Network marketing training does not have to be difficult, especially when you learn from the right people.  Like us here at the Network Marketing Training Center.

Donald Trump Network Marketing Efforts Failed Miserably

You no longer have to struggle in your mlm business.  Discover a system that will help you to have success in the network marketing industry.  Some of the top network marketers have gone through this system and you can too.  Click here to learn more!