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About the Author, Toni Coleman Brown.

Toni has reached the top of several network marketing organizations.  Currently she is utilizing her knowledge and skills to train others in the industry.  She is the founder and creator of the Network Marketing Training Center, designed to help home-based business owners achieve success.

See What Clients Have to Say About Toni

Toni is a force (for good) to be reckoned with.  She inspires her audience to dream bigger and not give up.  I love being in a room with Toni because when she is sharing her message with her people the energy in the room expands and lifts even the most cynical listener.

Patty Lennon
Patty Lennon Life Coach and Founder of Moms Get a Life

I have had the opportunity to sit in on Mrs. Toni Coleman Browns training and I would endorse her to anyone. She is a remarkable motivator and public speaker who has a unique ability to connect with everyone. Mrs. Brown has achieved great academic, and business success and thus she uses those life skills to relate, inspire, and motivate those who hear her speak.

Kalin Hall
Kalin Hall Vice President of Sales, Zrii International