Network marketers who jump from company to company should know that there is a diminishing value on your integrity as a leader that occurs with every move.  It’s sad to say but I’ve seen it time and time again in today’s network marketing environment where leaders will move from company to company and take their team and people with them (not all, but some).  I remember when I first started working on this blog, one of the first posts that I wrote was that Cedrick Harris was leaving Visalus.  Well now I hear that he’s going to Organo Gold.  It’s pretty much confirmed that this is where he is going.  I heard him say on a call that was hosted by Larry Beachum that this time he was following leadership vs chasing money and that he was going to a company with the number one money earner in the industry, which of course we all know is Holton Buggs.

But isn’t there a big contradiction in his statement?

First, he said that he was no longer chasing money, then he said that he was following leadership, but the leader is also the no. 1 money earner in the entire network marketing industry.  Hmmm…

Then he said he did his research and that he was going to plant his flag and stay with the company for 5 years.  That’s interesting too, because if he knew anything about Holton Buggs, I think he’s been with OG for longer than that and he will be with OG for life.  I give it up to Holton Buggs and his team at OG.  They’re doing their thing.  But they have the same problem that most of these network marketing companies have.  ATTRITION.

The way Holton has been able to beat a lot of this is due to the fact that he was able to create a lot of success around him.  He is someone who gets it.  He knows that the way to beat attrition is to help about 12-20 people around you to achieve overwhelming success.  So he helped to create other top money earners and that has been one of the biggest keys to his success.  He knows that it’s not about him. He understands the importance of not only having him as one of the top money earners in the industry, but to also have some of his team members to appear on that list.

Network Marketing Success is About Leadership

Here is my personal opinion about jumping from company to company and about what I heard on that call.  It’s not about following the leader, it’s about BEING the leader.  I don’t personally know Holton Buggs, but I’ve checked him out.  He’s a quiet storm.  He’s knows his stuff.  You never hear him out there bashing folks or anything like that.  He’s not an internet marketing genius.  He knows that network marketing is a belly to belly business and he knows how to create a T.E.A.M. environment.  He looks like he was trained by Delxino Wilson Debriano from TAG Team Marketing back in the old ACN hay days.  : )

Being the leader in a networking marketing company means this:

1.  Being 100% sold out for the company.

2.  Being 100% sold out for the team.

3.  Being 100% sold out for the product.

4.  Being 100% sold out for the compensation plan.

5.  Being 100% sold out and knowing that if you have 1% doubt , then you’re out.

You have to eat, sleep and drink it 24/7.  No if’s and’s or but’s.

When I went to the top of Warm Spirit back in 2005, that’s what it was all about.  I didn’t look at anything else, I didn’t get distracted by anything else.  All the systems that I had were company systems or home grown systems that I had created for the team. I taught my team members how to generate leads.  I got on calls and I trained them on personal development, and I taught them the principles of leadership and how to make money.  We had team outings and closed door meetings.  We knew how to start a grass roots movement that exploded from the inner circle out.

Organo Gold is lucky to have Holton Buggs, Mary Kay is lucky to have Gloria Mayfield Banks, and Send Out Cards is lucky to have Jordan Adler.  These are network marketing leaders who will never stray.  Other people may come and go, but these leaders have their flags firmly planted in their opportunities and that’s the difference.  They’re determined and they won’t quit. They have increasing value because of their leadership, because of their integrity, because of their willingness to stay with one game and see it to through to the very end.  You see when you sign up with a network marketing company, it’s like signing a marriage certificate, it’s a binding agreement with rules and like a marriage it’s til death do you part. Understand these basic concepts and WIN!

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Toni Coleman-Brown
Toni Coleman-Brown

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