If you’re a network marketer who is looking to truly grow your business, then you need to get the Eric Worre Go Pro book.  His book is the perfect companion to Quantum Leap: How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business. 

What is the Eric Worre Go Pro Book About?

Eric’s book is all about the time he made the decision to become a network marketing professional.  It is when he learned that he was going to run his business like a business versus like an employee who is working for someone else.  When he made this realization he discovered that in order to truly become successful at network marketing that you had to become a network marketing expert.

The Go Pro book discusses the 7 skills that a networker must learn in order to become a professional.  Those  skills are:

  1. Prospecting skills
  2. Inviting skills
  3. Presentation skills
  4. Follow up skills
  5. Helping Others Grow/Leadership skills
  6. Getting started skills
  7. Promotional skills

In the beginning of the book Eric discusses how he got into network marketing and the things that he did.  He points out how he did not treat his business like a business.  This the biggest problem with most network marketers when they’re just starting out.  The biggest take-a-ways from the book came from the introduction.  Eric didn’t want to join the business when he was invited. However, because his dad and his friend decided to join he did too because he didn’t want to get left behind.  What motivated Eric was “Fear of Loss“.  He didn’t even have the money to get started, but a loan from his dad helped and that one decision changed his life.

3 Major Lessons Learned from the Eric Worre Go Pro Book were right in the Introduction

With that being said the first lesson I learned from the book was the #1 Way to recruit heavy hitters like Eric Worre is to get them to come to events with people that they respect and if you can get the people they respect convinced to join, then your job is done.

The second lesson I learned from the book was not to blame others because the key to success lies within you. When Eric’s team crashed and he had to rebuild his downline his first instinct was to blame others.  But once he started working and rebuilding he realized that the answer is always to take responsibility.

The third lesson I learned was that pivotal life changing moments happen at network marketing company events.  While he does discuss the importance of promoting events as one of the skills to become a professional. His story drives this concept home.  Eric had a life-changing epiphany while watching other superstars walk across the stage.

The book has a ton of great information, but in my opinion the best information came from his very own story.  It is said that success leaves clues.  The biggest clues in the book came from the stories, so make sure to pay close attention to that.

The industry of network marketing has a lot of perks, but being an easy field is not one of them.  Anyone seeking to enter the industry must know that it is going to be the hardest thing that you have ever done in your life.  It will also be the riskiest thing that you’ve ever done.  However, in life there are no guarantees and I firmly believe that the industry represents a risk that is totally worth taking.

Who Is Eric Worre?

Eric Worre has been in the industry since 1988.  After having success in the real estate industry he got started in the network marketing industry.  Eric has had his shares of ups and downs.  Therefore, he knows a lot about what it takes to be successful and has hand success in several network marketing companies.  He is more than qualified to give advice on the industry.  Now he hosts a lot of events and has built a multi-million dollar platform as a speaker and trainer.  This is the perfect transition for people (like me) who have reached the top of multiple compensation plans and want to do something different and still serve the industry.

Have you read Eric’s book?  What was your biggest take-a-way?  Have you read my book Quantum Leap: How to Make a Quantum Leap in Your Network Marketing Business?  Get your copy by clicking here.

Toni Coleman-Brown
Toni Coleman-Brown

Toni Coleman Brown is an author, coach, motivational speaker, social media strategist and professional networker. She is also the Founder of the popular, Network for Women in Business, which is an online community designed to train, connect and advance women in business.

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