Have you ever wondered how to become successful in network marketing? Well, you can start by walking the walk. In other words, never ask your team to do something that you have never done. You must lead from the front and not beat from the back. People like to follow documented leaders. Your team members want to follow someone who has paved the way and made a difference. They don’t want to be bullied and harassed. They want to be motivated and encouraged.

Have a business owners’ mindset from the start, is how to become successful in network marketing

Build a business and not a downline. Network marketers tend to rely too much on the company to supply you with everything you need. Therefore, you need to think like a business owner from the start. Run your own team contests and promos. You don’t have to give-a-way a lot, but products and business tools are a great place to start when running team contests.

Follow the startup system

Most companies have systems in place for newbies to get started. And the truth of the matter is that you must start each month like a newbie. This is because every month each person starts off in the same place. At zero, with no recruits and no sales. Following the startup system and getting good at it is the perfect way to achieve success.

Master the compensation plan

Would you start a new job with knowing the job description? Well, the compensation plan shows you exactly what you need to qualify for the next position. No one wants to work each month to stay in the same place. Folks don’t even want to do this one a job. So why would they want to do it in network marketing. Learn the compensation plan inside and out. It is your guaranteed ticket to freedom and it will teach what you need to do each day to get to the top.


If you want the loot you must recruit. Recruiting is essential for your success. And you’re not looking for everyone. You’re looking for that one diamond in the haystack that wants to become a true business builder. You must have a fine balance between recruiting wide and helping your organization build depth. Both things are important to achieve lifetime leverage. Selling a lot brings in short money, but teaching others how to sell with get you paid for life.

Invest. Learn and Teach.

Your team will look to you as a leader, but you will not know everything. Therefore, it is important to invest in your own education. You must then implement the things you learn to test your knowledge. Once you’ve achieved documented success, then you can teach your team members how to do the same. This is one situation where you want to teach everything you know so your team can grow.

Build Team Camaraderie

Building a team is work. Keeping a team is even more work. I encourage you to host team building events and socials. The team that plays together often stays together. Take your team bowling, skating, or out for drinks. Don’t make everything about the business, but make it about family. This way you can find out their goals and meet their loved ones. These things are important.

Refrain from being negative

Always wear your positive hat.  Avoid being negative at all costs. Don’t bad mouth your company or your products because your team members will duplicate this behavior.  And remember that you are being watched and your actions will be replicated throughout your organization. Stay positive and always look to the bright side.

Host private training events Just for your team

Doing this will make your team feel super special and like you are really invested in their success.  When you host these events make sure they’re rank based.  This will encourage others to rank up just to be able to attend the training.

When it comes down to this question, “how to be successful in network marketing?” We want to know your thoughts? What do you do to achieve success in your network marketing business? Leave your comments below.

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Toni Coleman-Brown
Toni Coleman-Brown

Toni Coleman Brown is an author, coach, motivational speaker, social media strategist and professional networker. She is also the Founder of the popular, Network for Women in Business, which is an online community designed to train, connect and advance women in business.

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