So what exactly is the Attraction Marketing Formula in Network Marketing and does it still work today? The short answer is that the attraction marketing formula is where you attract your ideal customers by following the strategic marketing method of positioning yourself as an expert in your industry. Once you begin to establish yourself as an authority you will begin to distinguish yourself from your competitors and automatically attract people to you. And yes, it does still work today.

You should know that you won’t just attract people to you without taking specific actions to not just position yourself as an expert, but to you also must become one. The only way to become an authority that is well known in the industry is to create authority content and bring it to the world via an authority blog.

Who Were the First to Adopt the Attraction Marketing Formula in Network Marketing?

The first person to bring attraction marketing to the MLM industry was Mike Dillard. He created the wildly popular e-book, Magnetic Sponsoring. Mike Dillard is still selling the book on Amazon. But it’s not the same book from the past. I purchased the original book remember being pissed off because it was a little spiral bound book filled with words. It was a great funded proposal, but it didn’t really go into detail regarding how to duplicate this for yourself.

But then Daegen Smith created the e-book, Net MLM Profits (also a funded proposal). It did the details that I needed at the time to duplicate his efforts. I used the skills to become a 3 Diamond National Vice President in a company called Warm Spirit. And Vice Presidential Marketing Director in Youngevity.

The Fundamentals of An Attraction Marketing Funded Proposal

Today I might change the name of the funded proposal to a profitable sales funnel instead of a funded proposal. That’s because of how it works. Basically, have to create a really cheap product that you offer to your clients/customers.

Once they purchase the product you will offer them the opportunity to work with you by joining your network marketing company and if you pay for advertising then once you customers purchase, they can potentially pay for the advertising costs. That’s what makes the proposal sweet.

You can also promote a free lead magnet and still take your customers through the process. The end game is the same, you will have a lead. But if you pay for advertising and your customers walk away with great information or content without paying for it, your marketing costs can run high without an immediate return on the investment.


Attraction Marketing Systems Today

There are a lot of attraction marketing systems today that network marketers could follow, such as My Lead System Pro, Click Funnels or Online Sales Pro. However, because today it’s so easy to create your own lead capture pages and auto-responder systems until it doesn’t make sense to spend money paying high monthly fees for any of these systems.

These systems do a great job of branding their platform, and this makes it difficult for you to become an authority with their logo on everything and their voice on every video sales page. In order for you to build authority you will have to create your own lead pages and videos and put them as a gate in front of their pages. After you do all of this work, you might as well had just created it for yourself in the first place and brand you as the expert.

You will need certain business tools to make this work, like a good professional email marketing software like Aweber or Mailchimp.  Honestly, you could build a great system for yourself and your team with Aweber and Leadpages.

How Can You Make the Attraction Marketing Formula Work for You TODAY in Network Marketing?

What I can tell you for sure is that it is not as easy as it used to be and that in order for the formula to work. There will be a lot of upfront work, but your results could be fast or slow.  It depends upon whether or not you have a budget for advertising.  If you try to make it work by just blogging then it will take time.  But if you amplify your blogging with social media marketing and other advertising then it can work like gang busters.

Some of the elements of the formula or system would include you:

  1. Creating an authority blog/website branding you as the expert.
  2. Producing high quality content that benefits either the industry or product or service that you’re promoting (preferably both)
  3. Promoting that high quality content to your target audience and attracting them back to your blog/website
  4. Creating awesome Lead Capture/Landing pages and highly converting Opt-ins Lead Magnets
  5. Signing up for a professional email service provider and writing a strong highly converting series of auto-responder emails.

Can you handle all of this?

Now after seeing these steps some of you may be thinking, “I can’t do all of that.”  But I am here to tell you that you can either create these things for yourself and own it, or sign up for a system that will lock you into monthly fees.  If I was just starting out in the industry, I would sign up for MailChimp, which will give you 2,000 free emails and has great deliverability. Pay a one-time fee for OptimizePress, and set up a blog on WordPress. And this would be the three business tools that I would use to get the process started of setting up an attraction marketing system for networking marketing.

Of course there is more to it than the tools. You will also have to either create or private label a good lead magnet. Then you will have to figure out where you will market your lead capture pages. Nevertheless, it can all pay off big like it did for me.

I used Google Ad Words

I generated leads for my team using Google Ad words. My lead capture pages offered free samples of my network marketing company products. I had such an abundance of riches until I would give the leads away to my team leaders to close and this cause all around success.  Then I would gift them with their own lead capture pages once they reached a certain rank.  And this only helped accelerate my success. Just as it worked then, it could work now. Patience is the key.

Do you believe you have what it takes to create a system like this of your own for your team? Would you like to?  I can help.  Let me know.  Leave a comment below.

Toni Coleman-Brown
Toni Coleman-Brown

Toni Coleman Brown is an author, coach, motivational speaker, social media strategist and professional networker. She is also the Founder of the popular, Network for Women in Business, which is an online community designed to train, connect and advance women in business.

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