The answer is simple. They don’t earn enough income.

The truth of the matter is 90% of the people in this industry never actually reach a full-time income. And of those that do, only 6% of them earn over $35,000 per year and out of that group only 3% ever go on to earn six figures.

Another truth is they spend more money than they earn and they don’t understand why.

So here’s the reality of it all. Every new business owner MUST invest in their business, whether it’s network marketing or something else. The initial investment is always more than the return.

Statistics show that it takes the average business owner 3 to 5 years to turn a healthy profit from a new business.

Why do network marketers believe their experience will be any different?

Most Network Marketers Do Not Have Business Experience

Here’s a fact: Most network marketers enter the industry with no business experience at all. They don’t understand that building a successful network marketing business takes time and money and they quit before they ever really get started.

Most people in the industry earn on average $300 per month. But no one ever tells them what to do with that money.

A good 3-step strategy for someone entering into this industry is to:

1. Keep your full-time job.
2. Take the income you do earn and save 50% of it and re-invest the other 50%.
3. Set yourself up to earn additional streams of income by tapping into your passions and resources available to you.

Why is it that most people don’t tell anyone this? Well, I would guess that it’s simply because most people don’t know.

The average person enters the field and quickly becomes disenfranchised because they don’t make enough and they spend most of what they earn investing in products, business tools, sales conferences, buying leads and training.

Let’s be clear, I am not saying that this is the wrong thing to do, because it is absolutely – THE RIGHT thing to do.

The real problem is that most people do exactly what the 90% who fail do. They get all of the information, training and tools and they sit on it and never take action

As a matter of fact, 90% of the people who read this article will not take one action to achieve success.

So what’s the solution for Network Marketers?

Network Marketers can put a plug in the hole in the bucket that is literally causing them to spend more money than they make by following the My Lead System Pro program which teaches how to generate upfront cash on their prospecting process and creating multiple streams of income.

This upfront cash can then be used to fund your advertising, business tools, sales conferences, and other costs associated with your business. This is called a funded proposal and was first introduced by several big time network marketers like Mike Dillard and Daegen Smith. If you’re in the industry, you too can take advantage of a funded proposal without having the technical know-how by following the My Lead System Pro plan.

Take advantage of it today and never fail at Network Marketing again.

Toni Coleman Brown

Toni Coleman-Brown
Toni Coleman-Brown

Toni Coleman Brown is an author, coach, motivational speaker, social media strategist and professional networker. She is also the Founder of the popular, Network for Women in Business, which is an online community designed to train, connect and advance women in business.

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